My name is Paulina.

And I AM a Graphic Designer. Plus a traveler and a Planet lover. That said, I wake up everyday with 2 thoughts: “wow what a sky” & “damn I’m so lucky”.

I was born in Poland but have spent my life traveling here and there ;)

I have opened my first company ArtNet in 2002 and created and managed two popular music websites in Poland until 2010.
I currently live in Hollywood, California and I do what I love the most: making world and web a little better through good quality design.  PUNIAF has been my nickname since I started walking. After hating it through my school years, now PUNIAF.Productions is my brand, and a GREEN Graphic and Web Design Studio – I do everything in my power to work and live in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

In September’09 my then fiance and I adopted the sweetest rescue dog, terrier mix named Davis, who now rules our world!
The latest idea inspired by Davis is called GlobalDogPark.com: if you are a dog owner, you do not want to miss this! Go there now and let me notify you about the launch.

Other than that I enjoy learning new things about design, world and about myself, every single day. Don’t we all :)

I have no idea if I have enough of a writer in me to grow this blog into something as big and fascinating as some popular blogs, but I’ll keep doing what feels right ;)
If there is anything  you would like to ask me or share, I can’t wait to hear from you!

And don’t forget to enjoy your every day on Earth ;)


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