About PuniaF.

GRAPHIC DESIGN is my LIFE'S PASSION. And I'm a Graphic Designer and the Planet lover. That said, I wake up everyday with 2 thoughts: wow what a sky & damn I'm so lucky. I was born in Poland but have spent my life travelling around the world and this is what makes my projects a unique mix of european style and world-wide influences. I have owned my company ArtNet and the popular music website TEKSTY.pl (under extreme make-over now ;)) since 2002 in Poland. I currently live in Hollywood California and I've recently launched PUNIAF.Productions. We are proud to be a GREEN Graphic and Web Design Studio!

Film festival season is here

With many bigger and smaller film festivals coming up in the next few months, some designers get busy. Websites, tickets, badges, posters, flyers, postcards, booklets, schedules, press releases, vip passes, step and repeats… Good thing someone else weaves the red carpets ;)

I’ve recently completely redesigned the Bel-Air Film Festival’s website and some of the materials for this years event, here are a few samples:

More Before & Afters found…

It’s totally crucial that I save a screen shot of a bad website that I redesign for future reference and showcase, yet I keep forgetting to do that! Anyway… I just found some examples of before & afters and, even though they’re not the most recent, I think they still have some power to get the message through: UPDATE YOUR OLD WEBSITES – it’s as crucial to your business as clean clothing is to your appearance… And it pays back. Right away.

Check the BEFORE versions on the left  &  AFTER on the right:


It’s not a new thing for me to care about the Earth and always try to find ways to be more sustainable. With everything constantly evolving around us, new technologies, new concepts, new knowledge, being environmentally friendly also means keeping educating yourself, your family, and also whoever else listens.
So any opportunity to spread the word again and again is never a waste of time.
The iPic Theaters just held the iPic Member Film Festival for short films focused on the environment. The objective was to create a two to six minute video that complies with the requirements of the Official Rules on the theme of earth preservation. The Contest began on December 15, 2011 and ends on April 22, 2012.
I’m proud to say that I coincidentally got involved in a great movie that is one of the front runners of the festival – The Recyclist, by Shane Alexander.
It was hilarious to play the BAD character… but hey.. anything to get the right message to people!

TRIXY JEWELS booth design

I recently had the fun opportunity to help design a trade show booth in Las Vegas (layout and graphics) for an up and coming, super cool jewelry designer Trixy Starr. Then I went to Vegas with her… oh well, what can I say, work work work ;))

As much as layout of that Vegas show’s booth goes, 3 white walls without option to use nails is kind of a MacGyver challenge – right up my alley! Since Trixy’s jewelry is overwhelmingly colorful we kept the booth clean and simple, leaving the default white walls and shelving and displaying the necklaces in black and white frames. But for a splash of coolness I brought in a fluffy carpet in the brightest yellow and a storage pouf in sparkling purple! It was a blast to hear complements on the carpet idea. YAY!

For branding I designed 2 banners 3×3 feet with Trixy’s logo and message.
I’ve designed huge graphics for custom booths for serious companies before, but this was more of a “DIY” experience due to the specific venue setup, and I must say: there is nothing more fun than DIY! Thank you MacGyver.

Motto for 2012

Do you feel like your 2011 was not as satisfying as you expected it to be? Did you do everything in your power to achieve what you wanted? In any case smart words of healthy motivation can never hurt.
I love reading J Michael Dolan’s blog and I want to share with you his final post for 2011:

BRANCUSI’S VICTORY CRY  (click to read)

See you in spectacular 2012!!!


JUMP! That was the official theme of this year’s ARMA Expo’11 show campaign of Iron Mountain, a world leader in information management services. I was asked to help bring the new refreshed company image into their sales department’s tools and presentations and to create the newest IM trade show materials.
Everything was designed in Photoshop CS4 for different size media screens; photos of jumping employees were provided by the company; no print materials have been used.
Below is one of the many pieces of the puzzle and HERE you can take a look at the rest if you wish ;)

JUMP theme Iron Mountain desktop wallpaper


BEFORE & AFTER – the quick story of a big impact

One of my recent projects involved the total, and let’s call it “extreme” (!), make-over of a film production studio’s website. Having in mind that the company really wanted to be able to edit the content themselves, yet a custom CMS was not an option, I just based the site on WordPress engine while making sure that every other aspect of it was customized. Here are the before and after:

Japan massive earthquake and tsunami

Help Japan


On March 11, 2011, a huge 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan, causing widespread destruction. Check this Huffington Post page for more detailed info on helping Japanese people get their lives back.

And below are a few easy and fast ways to help:

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross
Text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army
Text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10 to GlobalGiving.org
Call 1-888-392-0392 to donate to DoctorsWithoutBorders.org
Call (800)481-4462 to donate to Internationalmedicalcorps.org