TRIXY JEWELS booth design

I recently had the fun opportunity to help design a trade show booth in Las Vegas (layout and graphics) for an up and coming, super cool jewelry designer Trixy Starr. Then I went to Vegas with her… oh well, what can I say, work work work ;))

As much as layout of that Vegas show’s booth goes, 3 white walls without option to use nails is kind of a MacGyver challenge – right up my alley! Since Trixy’s jewelry is overwhelmingly colorful we kept the booth clean and simple, leaving the default white walls and shelving and displaying the necklaces in black and white frames. But for a splash of coolness I brought in a fluffy carpet in the brightest yellow and a storage pouf in sparkling purple! It was a blast to hear complements on the carpet idea. YAY!

For branding I designed 2 banners 3×3 feet with Trixy’s logo and message.
I’ve designed huge graphics for custom booths for serious companies before, but this was more of a “DIY” experience due to the specific venue setup, and I must say: there is nothing more fun than DIY! Thank you MacGyver.

Motto for 2012

Do you feel like your 2011 was not as satisfying as you expected it to be? Did you do everything in your power to achieve what you wanted? In any case smart words of healthy motivation can never hurt.
I love reading J Michael Dolan’s blog and I want to share with you his final post for 2011:

BRANCUSI’S VICTORY CRY  (click to read)

See you in spectacular 2012!!!


Married, single or in an “open relationship” (I don’t quite believe there is such thing but hey…”whatever works” ;)) …  I hope you HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

If you’re in a mood to show some love to your computer/iphone screen, here is my Valentine wallpaper for you *.

1680×1050 px:

1360×768 px (wide screen) :

For i-Phone/i-Pod touch screen:

* For your computer: Click on the image to open the full size of it, then right-click and choose “Set as desktop background”

More Edeyo posters

This time the entire series of 7 posters was [super quickly] designed to illustrate Edeyo’s efforts. They were displayed at Edeyo’s annual fundraiser in the end of June in New York. Hosted by Michelle Rodriguez and filled with stars including John Legend, the Foundation’s 3rd anniversary fundraiser at The Bowery Hotel was named by US Magazine “Legendary night out” ;) Lucky my posters to witness the evening from the walls!

Pleasure of getting recognized ;)

I’m happy to share with you that, starting with a surprising email (read below), my website just got featured in two galleries: and . YEAH that feels good! ;)


“cssWOW with capital WOW is a collective gallery of the most incredible and the most “WOWed” css codes found over the cyber space.”
“Designaddict is a gallery of inspirational and stunning websites.”

Please check it out:

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Also one of my projects is featured here:

Thanks for your support and making me feel appreciated!!