Film festival season is here

With many bigger and smaller film festivals coming up in the next few months, some designers get busy. Websites, tickets, badges, posters, flyers, postcards, booklets, schedules, press releases, vip passes, step and repeats… Good thing someone else weaves the red carpets ;)

I’ve recently completely redesigned the Bel-Air Film Festival’s website and some of the materials for this years event, here are a few samples:


It’s not a new thing for me to care about the Earth and always try to find ways to be more sustainable. With everything constantly evolving around us, new technologies, new concepts, new knowledge, being environmentally friendly also means keeping educating yourself, your family, and also whoever else listens.
So any opportunity to spread the word again and again is never a waste of time.
The iPic Theaters just held the iPic Member Film Festival for short films focused on the environment. The objective was to create a two to six minute video that complies with the requirements of the Official Rules on the theme of earth preservation. The Contest began on December 15, 2011 and ends on April 22, 2012.
I’m proud to say that I coincidentally got involved in a great movie that is one of the front runners of the festival – The Recyclist, by Shane Alexander.
It was hilarious to play the BAD character… but hey.. anything to get the right message to people!

Motto for 2012

Do you feel like your 2011 was not as satisfying as you expected it to be? Did you do everything in your power to achieve what you wanted? In any case smart words of healthy motivation can never hurt.
I love reading J Michael Dolan’s blog and I want to share with you his final post for 2011:

BRANCUSI’S VICTORY CRY  (click to read)

See you in spectacular 2012!!!

I’m finally on Behance

Well actually I’ve had my account for many months already, but couldn’t find any time to organize and prepare my portfolio before uploading it.

Behance is the leading online platform for creative professionals. That’s what they say ;) But, hey, it’s another place to publish your portfolio if you’re a creative. It’s been out there for quite some time and it truly seems to be a good one. I like the simplicity of updating my profile, creating a new folder (“Project”) and uploading multiple images with one click. Customizing the color scheme and fonts is another huge plus for me. As much as I like it simple and I’m not any more into over-customizing everything  (maybe it’s also the matter of having no time for it…), some images just look better on dark, and some on light backgrounds right? ;)
And it really is one of the super inspiring places on the internet. Filled with (and reserved for) professional artists from all over the world, it can be a sweet treat to browse through so many beautiful stuff of all kinds.
I suppose it’s a great networking tool as well but I can’t say anything about that part yet, since I’ve been using it for 2 days now.

Anyway, I do recommend getting an account if you can. Or just bookmarking and visiting for your viewing pleasure ;)
And of course please stop by and check my portfolios from time to time:

More Edeyo posters

This time the entire series of 7 posters was [super quickly] designed to illustrate Edeyo’s efforts. They were displayed at Edeyo’s annual fundraiser in the end of June in New York. Hosted by Michelle Rodriguez and filled with stars including John Legend, the Foundation’s 3rd anniversary fundraiser at The Bowery Hotel was named by US Magazine “Legendary night out” ;) Lucky my posters to witness the evening from the walls!