Married, single or in an “open relationship” (I don’t quite believe there is such thing but hey…”whatever works” ;)) …  I hope you HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

If you’re in a mood to show some love to your computer/iphone screen, here is my Valentine wallpaper for you *.

1680×1050 px:

1360×768 px (wide screen) :

For i-Phone/i-Pod touch screen:

* For your computer: Click on the image to open the full size of it, then right-click and choose “Set as desktop background”

I’m finally on Behance

Well actually I’ve had my Behance.net account for many months already, but couldn’t find any time to organize and prepare my portfolio before uploading it.

Behance is the leading online platform for creative professionals. That’s what they say ;) But, hey, it’s another place to publish your portfolio if you’re a creative. It’s been out there for quite some time and it truly seems to be a good one. I like the simplicity of updating my profile, creating a new folder (“Project”) and uploading multiple images with one click. Customizing the color scheme and fonts is another huge plus for me. As much as I like it simple and I’m not any more into over-customizing everything  (maybe it’s also the matter of having no time for it…), some images just look better on dark, and some on light backgrounds right? ;)
And it really is one of the super inspiring places on the internet. Filled with (and reserved for) professional artists from all over the world, it can be a sweet treat to browse through so many beautiful stuff of all kinds.
I suppose it’s a great networking tool as well but I can’t say anything about that part yet, since I’ve been using it for 2 days now.

Anyway, I do recommend getting an account if you can. Or just bookmarking and visiting for your viewing pleasure ;)
And of course please stop by and check my portfolios from time to time: www.behance.net/PUNIAF

More Edeyo posters

This time the entire series of 7 posters was [super quickly] designed to illustrate Edeyo’s efforts. They were displayed at Edeyo’s annual fundraiser in the end of June in New York. Hosted by Michelle Rodriguez and filled with stars including John Legend, the Foundation’s 3rd anniversary fundraiser at The Bowery Hotel was named by US Magazine “Legendary night out” ;) Lucky my posters to witness the evening from the walls!



An 8.8 earthquake hit just off the coast of Chile early Saturday morning, killing at least 802 people and creating tsunami warnings in more than 50 countries across the Pacific ocean. Thousands are believed to have been left homeless due to the widespread destruction of buildings. – after The Huffington Post

I’ve added the information on the Chile earthquake relief.

On January 12th 2010 the 7.0-magnitude quake killed at least 100,000 people in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Two weeks later, after indescribable efforts to first rescue the survivors from under the rubble, save their lives, and then keep them alive while facing the limited sources of food and water, the U.N. now says up to 1 million people require shelter… Continue reading

Pleasure of getting recognized ;)

I’m happy to share with you that, starting with a surprising email (read below), my website www.PUNIAFproductions.com just got featured in two galleries: cssWOW.com and DesignAddict.pl . YEAH that feels good! ;)


“cssWOW with capital WOW is a collective gallery of the most incredible and the most “WOWed” css codes found over the cyber space.”
“Designaddict is a gallery of inspirational and stunning websites.”

Please check it out:

and don’t forget to VOTE ;)

Also one of my projects is featured here: http://designaddict.pl/2009/09/08/tim-davies-big-band/

Thanks for your support and making me feel appreciated!!

Music and light inspired

After the self-promotion materials are sent to work for you, sometimes there is a moment for pure fun again. The truth is, however, that in this constant learning process, pulling all-nighters without having any deadline, but just for the pleasure of creating, is as important as working on a paying project. Or at least I believe so.

Every time I get inspired and can’t stop myself from digging deeper to see more and more, I know that in the end (read: at sunrise) I will learn something new. Again.
Coming across amazing photographs, or other designers’ inspiring works, then digging for new brushes, techniques, ideas, only to get hungry for more and too excited to go to bed before installing and trying new toys ;) If you’re a creative kind you know what I’m talking about.

So that’s exactly how I spent last night ;) and here is what was born at sunrise:

Composers mind (or how a graphic designer imagines it ;))
Composer at work (or how a graphic designer imagines it ;))

In case someone finds it useful here is the “before” photo + a few tips below:

Continue reading