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It’s totally crucial that I save a screen shot of a bad website that I redesign for future reference and showcase, yet I keep forgetting to do that! Anyway… I just found some examples of before & afters and, even though they’re not the most recent, I think they still have some power to get the message through: UPDATE YOUR OLD WEBSITES – it’s as crucial to your business as clean clothing is to your appearance… And it pays back. Right away.

Check the BEFORE versions on the left  &  AFTER on the right:

TRIXY JEWELS booth design

I recently had the fun opportunity to help design a trade show booth in Las Vegas (layout and graphics) for an up and coming, super cool jewelry designer Trixy Starr. Then I went to Vegas with her… oh well, what can I say, work work work ;))

As much as layout of that Vegas show’s booth goes, 3 white walls without option to use nails is kind of a MacGyver challenge – right up my alley! Since Trixy’s jewelry is overwhelmingly colorful we kept the booth clean and simple, leaving the default white walls and shelving and displaying the necklaces in black and white frames. But for a splash of coolness I brought in a fluffy carpet in the brightest yellow and a storage pouf in sparkling purple! It was a blast to hear complements on the carpet idea. YAY!

For branding I designed 2 banners 3×3 feet with Trixy’s logo and message.
I’ve designed huge graphics for custom booths for serious companies before, but this was more of a “DIY” experience due to the specific venue setup, and I must say: there is nothing more fun than DIY! Thank you MacGyver.

BEFORE & AFTER – the quick story of a big impact

One of my recent projects involved the total, and let’s call it “extreme” (!), make-over of a film production studio’s website. Having in mind that the company really wanted to be able to edit the content themselves, yet a custom CMS was not an option, I just based the site on WordPress engine while making sure that every other aspect of it was customized. Here are the before and after:

A grounding brake from the corporate style..

Photo by PUNIAF. - Mexico 2009

Photo by PUNIAF. - Mexico 2009

To add some “Disney” magic to your photos & designs follow this link: or any other tutorials on “Photoshop light effects”. You can go subtle or you can go strong and bling bling/disco/crazy. You can create your own stars, as in the tutorial, or you can just use the star brushes or shapes – layer different sizes and opacity and play with the brush settings like “Shape dynamics” and “Scattering”. Fun! ;)

Hello world! – I’m going to keep this default title, it’s truly proper ;)


This is my very first attempt to blog. It’s after 2am (for non-designers out there that’s like afternoon for a 9-5 worker). As often around this time, I just polished and submitted some smaller projects and I’m now switching to a new challenge. Tonight it will be my blog.

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