Music and light inspired

After the self-promotion materials are sent to work for you, sometimes there is a moment for pure fun again. The truth is, however, that in this constant learning process, pulling all-nighters without having any deadline, but just for the pleasure of creating, is as important as working on a paying project. Or at least I believe so.

Every time I get inspired and can’t stop myself from digging deeper to see more and more, I know that in the end (read: at sunrise) I will learn something new. Again.
Coming across amazing photographs, or other designers’ inspiring works, then digging for new brushes, techniques, ideas, only to get hungry for more and too excited to go to bed before installing and trying new toys ;) If you’re a creative kind you know what I’m talking about.

So that’s exactly how I spent last night ;) and here is what was born at sunrise:

Composers mind (or how a graphic designer imagines it ;))
Composer at work (or how a graphic designer imagines it ;))

In case someone finds it useful here is the “before” photo + a few tips below:

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A grounding brake from the corporate style..

Photo by PUNIAF. - Mexico 2009

Photo by PUNIAF. - Mexico 2009

To add some “Disney” magic to your photos & designs follow this link: or any other tutorials on “Photoshop light effects”. You can go subtle or you can go strong and bling bling/disco/crazy. You can create your own stars, as in the tutorial, or you can just use the star brushes or shapes – layer different sizes and opacity and play with the brush settings like “Shape dynamics” and “Scattering”. Fun! ;)